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You Are Not Alone

With whatever challenges

You might have been facing,

However many prayers

You might have been saying

Desiring a change

Desiring a bright, brilliant future

Feeling all alone or unsupported

Please know that

You are not alone

God within hears you

God within sees you

God within honors you

God within appreciates you

God within acknowledges you

All your tears

All your pain

All your hard work

All your little effort

Your fighting spirit

Your warriorship

To keep standing

To keep choosing you

Knowing that there’s so much more for you

Planet Earth

Trees, plants, air

The stars, the moon and the sun

The rivers, ponds and oceans


All nature

Everywhere and around you

Angels, all Gods, Goddesses of all cultures

Beings of light of all stars

Your ancestors

All the unseen forces

They are all witnessing


And holding space for you

Sending you so much love

So much support

So much appreciation

So much guidance

At all times

Even when you don’t feel it

And above all

Your very own soul is with you

At all times

Loving and supporting you so much

Waiting for you to reunite

And move forward together

To your greatness

Your magnificence within

Your brilliant, eternal light

Like millions of central suns

Burning and shining

To all Universes and back

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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