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You Are The Champion

How many times did you have

Fear of being alone

Fear of being unloved

Fear of being abandoned,

Known and unknown,

Looking for love

In all those places and relationships

Ending up with the same feelings

From the very fear you had,

Unloved, disappointed

Heartbroken, betrayed,

Abandoned, all alone,

The list goes on and on

Over and over again?

Is that fear light and true for you?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie

Think about what you love doing

Does it make you feel lighter?

Does it make you smile?

That is YOU

As an infinite being

As God’s eternal soul,

You are lightness and expansion

You are joy and ease

You are total freedom

Without limitation

You are total awareness

You are aware of

Everyone else’s thoughts,

Feelings and emotions around you,

Is it the fear

That you thought you had

Or is it what you perceived

From everyone else around you

Thought it was you and

Bought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t?

How much of it belongs to your parents?

How much of it belongs to your loved ones?

How much of it belongs to

Your ancestors and generations?

How much of it actually belongs to you?

Everywhere you picked it all up

From everybody else around you

Took it all on

To make them feel better

To fit in with them

To be like them

To connect with them

To understand them

To get their love and attention

Or for whatever reason,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy

And return it all to them please?

With that level of abuse

With that level of trauma and drama

With that level of unkindness and cruelty

With that level of pain and suffering

You experienced,

You not only got through it all

But have chosen to be kind,

Loving and caring to

Everybody else around you

No matter what

Were you taught and shown

How to be kind, loving and caring?


Were you taught and shown

How to rise and thrive

Beyond it all

Like you have been doing?


Where did you get that from

Other than your own Source

Your infinite love for you

That you already are?

That is how powerful and capable

You are

So everywhere you bought the lie

That you were incapable

That you couldn’t or

Wouldn’t make it on your own

Without your authority figures

Without their love or approval

That got you to look for it

In all those places and relationships

That didn’t work for you,

And everywhere you purchased that lie

From them as yours

In order for them to control you

When it wasn’t,

Would you like to

Delete, destroy it all

And return it all to them please?