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You Are The Change

Have you ever had the experiences

Where you saw whom you care about

Making the choices

Over and over again

That hurt themselves

That destroyed themselves

That dragged them down

That kept them stuck

You just wanted to

Help them get out of it

And no matter how hard you tried

You couldn’t get them to change

It frustrated you as hell, and

It dragged you down with them?

The truth is that

We can’t help people change

We can’t get them to change

We can’t convince them to change

When they don’t want to change

Any attempt to make them change

Would be controlling on our part

It would be expecting them to be

Who and what we think

They are supposed to be

It is disempowering to us all

It would get us all stuck

It is safe to let go of control

There is nothing wrong with you

For not being able to help them

It doesn’t define

Whether you are good enough or not

Allow you to be

Without making you wrong

For thinking you can’t help them

There is nothing wrong with them either

It is their own path

It is their own journey

It is their freedom to choose

For their own learning and growth

That is unique to them

Allow them to be

Hold space for them

Give them space

Give you space

Without judgments of them

Without making them wrong

For whatever choices they make

That is helping them and you

That is empowering them and you

Without the need to do anything

Without the need to change anything

Without the need to fix anything

You have done more than enough

You have done more than good enough

With just your being

Whether you believe it or not

That is true empowerment to you and others

That is total allowance of you and others

That would set us all free

It doesn’t matter

Others change or not

What matters is YOU

Keep being you

Keep choosing you

Keep trusting you

Keep appreciating you

Keep being the change

You desire to be

Keep being the light

You truly be

Keep going

With your light

Shining your path

Everywhere you go

Offer your gifts and talents to

Those who desire to change

Those who are ready to change

Those who are willing to change

Those who are ready to receive you

Those who need your light

Those who appreciate your light

Those who would love to

Enjoy the ride and journey with you

Those who are in alignment with you

They are your people

That you are meant to serve

As you are the powerful leader and creator

Of your own destiny

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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