You Are The Infinite Star

As loving and caring as you are

As kind and compassionate as you are

As gigantic a heart as you have and be

How many of you as a kid

Took on all of your parents’ or

Authority figures’ pain and suffering

All of their anger and frustration

All of their worries and fears

All of their sadness and grief

All of their limiting beliefs

To make them feel better

Without even being conscious of it?

Even when you were a baby and a kid,

You were so intuitive and aware

Of everyone’s thoughts and feelings

From the age of 0 to 8,

Your conscious mind

Wasn’t developed enough yet

To be able to filter any and all information

That you heard and learned from them

You were like a sponge

Absorbing everything from everyone

Both positive and negative

You didn’t know how to differentiate

Between what was yours and what was theirs

Because you were never taught to

How much of all those thoughts and feelings

How much of all those emotions and beliefs

Did you perceived from your parents

Thought it was you, bought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

How many of you were trained

You were supposed to think this way

You were supposed to feel that way

You were supposed to behave a certain way

You were supposed to believe a certain thing

You were supposed to do this or that

You were supposed to not show emotions

Simply because you were told so

Simply because you were shown so

Without explanation

Without loving guidance

Without being heard

Without being given a choice

You ended up keeping wondering

What you did wrong

There must have been a reason

If you knew the reason,

You could fix it

Then you would get their full love

All of those things along the lines?

Have you found you never seem

To be able to find the answer

Or the reason for it

No matter how much you tried?

Would loving, empowering parents

Blame, guilt, shame and punish you

For their own pain and suffering

For the mistakes you seemed to make?

So how much of that blame, shame and guilt

Is what you perceived from your parents

And bought it as your own

When it actually wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Would you be willing

To return it all to them?

All it takes is your YES

If you would like to

What if there is no reason to seek?

What if there is no answer to find?

What if there is nothing for you to fix?

Because you have done nothing wrong

Because it was never your fault

Because none of it was yours

From the first place?

Did you think, feel and believe that

You were the only insane one?

You were the only crazy one?

You were the only wrong one?

You were the only one

Who never got anything right?

You were the only one

Who was not ‘normal’?

What if it is because you were just born

In a wrong family with the wrong people

Who weren’t capable of loving you

For YOU?

Would you like to receive that

As a baby and a child

It is your birthright

To be taken care of

To be protected

To be nurtured

To be loved

To be accepted

To be guided


Without having to be your parents’ caretaker

Without having to be their protector

Without having to be sick

Without having to be bad

Without having to be punished

Without having to punish yourself