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You Are The Light





Lift others up

Point out their goodness

Point out their beauty

Point out their greatness

Point out their strengths

Point out their gifts

Point out their talents

Point out their lovingness

Point out their caring

Point out their kindness

Point out their compassion

Point out their passion

Point out their heart

Point out how much of a gift

They are to you

If they forget to acknowledge

All that greatness about themselves

If they tend to beat themselves up

If they had never been given compliments

Ever in their life

If all they experienced was disempowerment

If all they experienced was being torn down

If all they experienced was heartache and pain

If they don’t know what receiving is

If they have a hard time to receive

All that greatness that they be

Shower them even more


Over and over again

With their greatness

Until they feel safe to take it all in

As you make it safe for them to receive

Whatever they can receive

From wherever they are

Speak their heart and soul language

Their hearts can recognize

Their souls can recognize

Your sincerity

Your genuinity

Your authenticity

Your enthusiasm

Your deep compassion

Your great passion

Your burning desire

Your sense of safety

To lift them up

With the truth of who they are

Coming from from the deepest

Depth of your heart and soul

To theirs

Your acknowledgment

With your empowering words

With your presence

With your space

With your being

With total ease

Of who they are

Of what they are

Of exactly where they are

Of every little effort they have made

Is a huge gift to them

That allows them to acknowledge

Their enoughness

Their greatness

Their being

That awakens their souls

That allows them to remember

The magic and miracles

They are born to be

You are that light for you

You are that light for others

That is how magnificent you are,

My powerful beautiful souls

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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