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You Are Unstoppable

No matter what,

Keep picking yourself up

Over and over again

Even when you want to stop

No matter what

Keep crawling if you have to crawl

No matter what,

Keep walking

Even if you feel like no strength left

No matter what,

Keep looking forward

Even if you can’t see with your naked eyes

No matter what,

Keep moving forward

Even if you don’t know how

No matter what,

Keep fighting for

Your bright future

Even if you don’t know what it looks like

No matter what,

Keep choosing for you,

Even if you have all reasons not to

No matter what,

Reclaim your total power and freedom

To be all of YOU

That power force within you never dies

It is what keeps you going

It is unstoppable

It is the whole Universe within you

It is God within you

It is your soul within you

That very life force

No matter what, the Universe got your back

No matter what, the Universe has always

And will always gift you everything you need

For your gigantic transformation

Even if you don’t feel like it

Before you know it,

You’ll be running like a lion

You’ll be flying like an eagle

You’ll be flapping your enormous wings

Like a phoenix

You’ll be shining your mega-starlight

Twinkling and sparkling

Eternal and infinite

Bright and brilliant

Magical and miraculous

Lifting up the whole world and humanity

As you are born to be

Roar and soar, no matter what

My fellow warriors

You got this. One step at a time.

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