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You Are Unstoppable

If you were taught

To never be allowed to feel

To never be allowed to cry

To never be allowed to get angry

To never be allowed to speak

To have to suck it all up,

To be made wrong for

Every awareness and knowing

You had

To doubt, deny and reject

Every fibre of being you are,

You might even think

You gotta forgive

All those who abused you

Coming from the place of guilt

Believing you are a bad person

For even getting angry at them

How much of everything

You went through

Was all the pain

Buried deep within you

And not being allowed

To be expressed?

How much of it was

Total annihilation of your being?

How much of it was

Silencing your own voice?

Set you free from the need

To forgive others

Set you free from the need

To be forgiven

As long as it comes from need,

We come from no freedom to choose

Make you the first priority

Give you all that you need

That you were never given

Give you all the time and space

Just for you

Give you all the healing you need

To release all the deep pain within you

There is no shortcut

There is no quick fix

It takes work

You are built for it

You are capable of

Doing and being that for you

Drop into your heart

Allow you to feel everything

Allow you to feel anything

Allow you to feel all the pain

Allow you to get angry at

All those who abused you

In a safe space

Full on

Without guilt or shame

Without judgments of you

You are allowed to get angry

Be heard and received for

Exactly who you are

Without being made wrong

Just because of your anger


Allow you to hear that anger

Give it space

It has a voice

Hear what it says

Take your voice back

Speak your heart

Speak your soul

Speak your truth

Stand your ground

Even when guilt or fear comes up

Challenge it

The more you do that,

The more you reclaim YOU,

All the lies of guilt and shame

That were programmed deep in you

Can’t exist in your world

You are way greater than all those lies

You are way more powerful than them all

That is loving you right there

That is nurturing you right there

That is listening to you right there

That is trusting you right there

That is believing in you right there

That is healing you right there

With your very own power

Your total allowance of you

When you set you free

From all the hurts and pain

From deep within you,

You set others free

Without even the need to understand

Without even the need to forgive

From outside of you

As true understanding and forgiveness

Will rise from the deep compassion

Deep love

Deep appreciation


With deep wisdom

From your heart and soul

As a messenger of God

With your own life story

With your own life journey

With your own life experiences

As an inspiration and empowerment

To all those who need your light

Nobody can stop you

From your own soul

Spread your gigantic wings

Fly higher and higher

You are merging as One with

Your magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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