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You Deserve It All

If you are around

Those whom you are made wrong

Those whom you feel off

Half good and half bad

More good than bad

With more heaviness

Than lightness

They aren’t the right people for you

You are not here

To have something

Better than nothing

You are not here

To get the crumbs

Of anything

You are not here

To settle for less

You are meant

To have it all

All goodness

All happiness

All ease

All peace

All flow

All joy

All abundance

All freedom

All lightness

Not a little

Not some

No so so

Not half this and half that


Go for those who

Allow you to be

Lift you up

Empower you

Support you

Get your back

No matter what

See the greatness in you

Bring lightness and expansion

To your heart and soul

Just simply for YOU

That is your people

Trust your knowing

Trust your gut

Honor you

Value you

Appreciate you

You have been doing amazing

Whether you believe it or not

Keep going for the best

Because you deserve the best

You deserve it ALL

That the world has to offer you

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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