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You Matter

Have you ever got angry

Chosen to listen to it

Chosen to speak your truth

What you would like

Then felt guilty and wrong for that?

How much of that guilt or wrongness

Is actually what you perceived from

Others and thought it’s yours?

Your feelings are never wrong

Your feelings are always valid

No matter what

It also doesn’t mean that

They make it real and true about

The truth of who you are

All it takes is to be aware of those feelings

Then stop and choose what empowers you

What if you could choose

To acknowledge and appreciate

How courageous

How loving

How caring

You are to YOU

For choosing you

With speaking your truth?

What if you could choose to

Make your choice of



Greater than any disempowering feelings

That are not true about you?

Each time you choose that,

You dismantle any lies and limitations

You bought about you

It all starts from choice

To choose you

No matter what

Choice is your greatest weapon

Choice is your total power

Choice is your golden ticket

To be all of YOU

Let’s celebrate you

Let’s jump for joy

Let’s dance together

With our hearts and souls singing

For every choice you make

To acknowledge you

To listen to you

To trust you

To appreciate you

To be kind to you

To care for you

To honor you

Regardless of all lies or limitations

To reclaim your total freedom

To be all of YOU

That choice comes from

Your deepest heart of all hearts

Your purest heart of all hearts

Your vastest heart of all hearts

Your most gentle heart of all hearts

Your kindest heart of all hearts


Therefore for your unmeasurable capacity

Of deepest compassion for others

Beyond imagination

That’s how magnificent

How miraculous

How enormous

How magical

You are!

You are worthy

You exist

You matter

You are here to shine

Your eternal mega-starlight

You are unstoppable

You are courageous

You are gigantic

You are such an amazing gift

You are such a miracle

To planet Earth and the Universe

Simply for your existence

From my deepest heart and soul

Thank you

For being here

For your presence

For choosing your infinite space

For choosing all of you

The magnificent, beautiful YOU

You got this. One step at a time

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