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Your Body as God Within's Ankh

What is your relationship with your body?

Have you ever felt trapped in your body, got out of your body, or wanted to die as the only way to cope with overwhelming pain, either physical or emotional, due to abuse or whatever challenges you faced?

I used to be in that place most of my life It is easy to love our bodies when they look like we wish It is easy to love our bodies when we don’t experience pain It is easy to get out of our bodies to avoid pain It is easy to be a free spirit with bliss and joy or Home with God without a body It is easy to go high, saying all love and light, without feeling low and pain in our bodies All those coping mechanisms can’t deny truth: We have a body What if our bodies are there for a greater purpose? What if having a human body experiencing both pain and happiness Is the best way and means for you as a soul to embody God’s truth that You are infinite lightness You are infinite expansion You are infinite freedom Even with your body On this planet Earth Which you can’t learn or embody it otherwise? What if you could be in total receiving and appreciation of bodily pain, either chronic or acute, allowing it to be? What if you could be in total receiving and appreciation of your body’s appearance as it is right now? What if you could be in total receiving and appreciation of every part of your body as it is right now? Knowing that it is always there for you Loving and supporting you unconditionally Watching out for you Getting your back With all the physical sensations Subtle or strong Giving you information and Infinite awareness at all times Even in the form of pain For your highest good? What if once you are in that space, you allow true healing and change to occur from within? All it takes is to allow it to be and listen That is embodying love That you are right there You are infinite freedom With your body As your God within’s ankh As God’s gift to be human As your devoted life partner As your magnificent ride You and your body are magnificent Beyond measure You got this. One step at a time.

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