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Your Burning Fire

How much of your life have you been told

What you should or shouldn't do?

How much of your life have you been told

This is good, that is bad

This is right, that is wrong?

How much of your life have you been taught

Nothing you did was ever enough?

How much of your life have you been taught

As though you knew nothing

And were less than?

How much of your life have you been told

This is loving and caring?

Does this loving and caring

Make you feel any better

Make you feel empowered

Make you feel any lighter

At all?

Or does it get you to doubt you

Second-guess you

Distrust you

Reject you

Disown you

Thinking and believing

You ain't enough

You are incapable

Wondering why you always get confused

And can never trust you?

All of those teachings

Are a pile of lies and crap

In order to control you

And give you no freedom

That you are born to be

So everything you have done

To buy any of those lies and crap

To make you wrong at all times

To separate you from YOU

To reject any and all of your

Goodness and greatness

About you and as YOU,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, delete, destroy

And return it all to all senders please?

You are the only one who knows

What is true, right and light for you

You are the only one who can find

All the answers you need

From within you

Nobody knows more or better than you,

And vice versa

What if you have always known all along

What is true and light for you?

Or else you wouldn't have been here

Standing and keeping going


What if you can always trust you

Without having to follow anybody else

Without having to make you less than

Without having to make you wrong

Without having to doubt you

Without having to fit in at all?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you

You are born to be this Source for you?

What if that is your total kindness to you

What if that is your total love to you

Defying all the lies you have been taught

That aren't true for or about you at all?

What if you are the living proof that

The impossible is possible

The invisible is visible

Everything is possible

With and as God

Noone can put you down

Noone can disempower you

Noone can squash you

Noone can own you

Noone can control you

Noone can possess you

No trauma

No drama

No threats

No intimidation

No violence

No abuse

No pain

Can ever kill you

Let's take your voice back

Let's take your power back

Let's take your talents and gifts back

Let's take your capabilities back

Let's take your greatness back

Let's take your life back

Let's take your light back

Let's take your total freedom back

Let's take your total being back

Let's come Home back

To YOU and God within you

Let's rise, rise and rise again

God is here for you

You are never alone

You are way more than capable

Of doing and being this Source for you,

God's magnificent warriors

Of strength and spirit

Of courage and bravery

Of wisdom and total awareness

Of kindness and caring

Of gentleness and tenderness

Let this unstoppable fire within you

Burn all the lies and limitations

That hold you back and dim your light

You are everything and beyond

You are magnificent beyond measure

You deserve all the best that

This world has to offer to you

You are born to be free

You are born to be greatness

You are born to be extraordinariness

You are born to be total joy and bliss

You are born to be miracle and magic

You are born to total peace and serenity

You are born to be the leader and master

Of your own brilliant destiny

God desires nothing less than that for you

Because YOU are God, and God is YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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