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Your Capacity of Receiving

If you had never experienced

What love truly is

When all you knew was pain

And everything was conditional

In order to get love

Believing that love means pain

Pain means love

Is it true?

What if now is the time to change it

And choose what is right and light for you?

What if you do know what love truly is

Even if you didn’t get to experience it

As your human experience?

Your soul knows

That is the eternal knowing

That can never die

No matter how much pain

Or suffering you might have gone through

And you are here to remember and

Reclaim that love for you

That you truly be

And show others to remember

To be their love for themselves

Pure love

God within’s love

That we all are born to be

Through that love as

Your natural state of being,

It is the medicine to all pain,

Pain is not real

Yet it is the gift

To remember the truth

Of who you are

Through that love you be

You create and generate

Everything that you desire

Everything that God desires for you

That brings you joy, fun and play

That brings you lightness and expansion

A whole new world beyond this reality

You are worthy and deserving

Of receiving it all

If you believe that you can’t receive

Truth: You can and you are

That’s why you are here

Reading these words

What if you have been receiving

Way more than you are

Willing to acknowledge?

That is your heart and soul

That is your deep inner knowing

Guiding you to embody this truth

You are worthy of it all

You are capable of receiving it all

Everything that the Universe has

To offer you

As you do have everything to

Offer to the Universe

As you truly be with that pure love

That you are capable of for you and others

On this planet Earth

Whether you believe it or not

You got this. One step at a time.

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