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Your Courage

Despite all excrutiatingly intolerable pain

Or whatver forms of abuse

Beyond imagination

You are still here

Choosing kindness


Inspiration and empowerment

Lightness and expansion

To you and others

Against all odds

You are a true warrior

You are a true legendary

Right here

Right now

At this very moment

Even with your tears

Even with all hardship

You are courageous beyond measure

You are an angel walking on Earth

With your gigantic, loving heart

The size of all Universes

Being the bright, brilliant, eternal light

Beyond your human body

To everyone around you

And this whole planet

That is how powerful and gentle

At the same time

That you are

You are such an amazing gift

To humanity and planet Earth

From God and to God

With your very presence

Of being here

With your fighting spirit

To be your greatness

That you know you are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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