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Your Craziness is Your Greatness

Have you ever been told or laughed at that you are crazy, you are delusional, you can’t be this, or you can’t be that?

I was told with stuff like I am Vietnamese, I can’t be known in the States, Thailand or anywhere else, just keep myself here in Vietnam and be normal like everybody else, that I was delusional, fantasizing and many other things

Does that sound familiar with you?

What kind of life would you like to live?

A life with meaning to make an impact

On others’ lives and the world

Or just a life and that’s all there is?

Would you like to be extraordinary

As you are created to be

Or to be ordinary and normal

Like everybody else?

You can change the world

Just by being YOU

You are already an impact

By being here on this planet Earth

By experiencing different kinds of extreme pain and suffering

By embracing them as gifts

Gaining your infinite wisdom of life

Getting what it means to be human

While transforming you into your genius within

Embodying your infinite spirit

Your soul

Your God within

Your kindness

Your empowerment to you and others

Regardless of the madness and insanity

Of this human world

Your life experiences

Your life story

Your wisdom

Your insights

Your being

Are the gift from God

To inspire and empower others

To remember and embody their magnificent inner genius

That no degrees of formal education

Bachelor’s degree, master degree, Phd

You name it

Can ever certify your greatness

Wim Hof - known as The IceMan

He is well-known for setting the Guiness world records for swimming under ice

For prolonged full-body contact with ice

Climbing to Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts and shoes

He found out that freezing temperatures

Nature is his best friend

It healed him and helped him find out

That ‘greater’ something within him

His breathing technique was born through

Extremely cold weather: ice

He was a dropout at school

He was laughed at for his wildest dreams

Now he has been teaching doctors, professors and the world

About his breathing technique

For healing, health, bliss and strength

Degrees, diploma, certification are nice

But in most cases, they get you to forget

That greater ‘something’ you are created to be

Your gigantic inner genius

Your greatness

So be crazy

Be weird

Be wild

Be different

Be unlike anybody else

Think like nobody else

Create your own reality

Beyond this physical reality

That nobody has ever thought of

On this planet Earth

Know that you are on the right track

To the birthing of your gigantic genius within

You got this. One step at a time.

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