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Your Deep Roots

With every storm of hardship

It is challenging

It is uncomfortable

It is painful

Yet you are built for it

You are capable of handling anything

That comes your way

You are ready for it

Whether you believe it or not

The Universe never gives you

What you can’t handle

Every storm is perfectly designed

For your strength

For your courage

For your resilience

For your love for you

For your trust in you

For your trust in God

For your trust in life

To awaken and rise

Even greater than ever before

More deep healing will come

Your heart will open and blossom

Like a white lotus

Your heart will soften

With vulnerability as your strength

With your deepest compassion for you

More than ever before

Your soul will be set free

Pure and divine

Whole and complete

Your light will shine

More brightly and brilliantly

Than ever before

On the other side

Of each and every storm

Keep going, my brave souls

Stand your ground

Grow your deepest roots

With YOU

With God

With Mother Earth

With all stars

With the entire Universe

Through each and every storm

More storms, more gifts

More storms, more growth

More storms, deeper your roots

No storm can ever shake or break you

That is your greatness within right there

That is your genius within right there

That is your inner power right there

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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