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Your Eagle Spirit

Whatever you might

Have been going through

You will move through and beyond it

You will rise above it

With your enormous, magnificent wings

With your bulletproof, brilliant eyes

With your wide-open, loving heart

With your unstoppable, unbreakable spirit

Of a magical, miraculous eagle

Being on this adventure of total freedom

To the horizon of infinite possibilities

To wherever you desire to be

For your lightness and expansion

For your joy and bliss

For your happiness and ease

For your laughter and play

For your genius within

To awaken and ignite

To shine your light full-force

Magnify your light

Turn it all up



Never stop

Never look back

Just look straight ahead and up

Filled with hope and trust in you

No matter what

Fly higher and higher

Further and further

To the infinite

Unleash your power

To be the vastness

Of the Universe

With your eagle spirit

As your inner compass

To own and reclaim

Your total existence

Your total being

Whole and complete

Called the magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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