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Your Eternal Change

If you think or believe that

You are not healing

Truth: You are healing deeply

Beyond imagination

If you think or believe that

You are not moving forward

Truth: You are moving forward

If you think or believe that

You are not changing

Truth: You are changing for eternity

If you think or believe that

You are not getting

What you want or expect

Truth: You are getting

Exactly what you need

At any given moment

For your soul growth and evolution

Even if you don’t feel like it

How do I know that?

Because you never give up

That’s why you are here

Reading this

Knowing your truth

That’s how strong you are

That’s how courageous you are

That’s how resilient you are

That’s how intuitive you are

Possibly more than you are willing

To give yourself credit for

So what did you define as change

That actually isn’t?

Choose to trust you and your path

Choose to trust your unshakeable truth

In the face of doubts

No matter what

Stretch your trust muscle

Expand your trust muscle

To the infinite

You got it

Open yourself up

To the infinite possibilities

To magic and miracles

To peace and ease

To joy and bliss

To your total freedom and power

To be YOU

Receive them all


You are born to receive all the gifts

That life and the Universe has to offer you

That brings you lightness and expansion

That God created you to be

They are your birthright

You are on the right path

God sees you,

My fellow warriors

All of your efforts and

Hard work to unearth and

Reclaim your magnificence

Your total power and potency

Your total greatness within you

Your total being

Whole and complete

And above all,

You see you

You acknowledge you

You appreciate you,

Which is the greatest gift

You could ever give to you,

Nobody else,

For everything that you have done

Coming from that burning desire within

That deep inner knowing

That only you and

God within you know

That drives you to keep going

To rise, thrive and explode

With your utmost miraculous

Bright, brilliant starlight

On planet Earth

That the world can’t wait to see

You got this. One step at a time.

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