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Your Gigantic Wings

With that much pain and suffering

You have gone through,

You are still standing here

On the other side

Looking back

Facing darkness head-on

Embracing the pain

Transforming the pain

Appreciating it all

Learning from it all Breaking you free

From cages and lies

That were called a life

Flying you up

To the horizon

How many people

Do you know around you

Are willing to do and be that

Like you?

A few, a lot or none?

That is how loving and caring

You are beyond words

Did you need anyone else’s

Acceptance and approval

To get to where you are?


That is how capable and powerful

You are beyond measure

Without others’ approval

So everywhere you thought and believed

That you needed people’s approval

In order to do it right

In order to be right

So you are not wrong

In order to trust you

When you actually didn’t need it

And everywhere you bought that lie

From others around you that

You needed their approval

To control you as real and yours

When it actually wasn’t,

Would you like to

Uncreate, delete, destroy

It all and return it all to them?

Would you like to acknowledge that

You are one in a million

You are rare

You are precious

You are wild

You are uncontrollable

You are strong

You are courageous

You are beautiful

You are miraculous

You are wise

You are such an inspiration

To life from God

Your heart is gigantic

Your soul is magnificent

Your light is undeniable

That’s why you are still here

Breathing and rising

Above ashes

Reclaiming all of YOU

Your kindness to you

Your caring for you

Your appreciation for you

Your choice for you

Your total trust in you

Your total trust in God within

Your total existence

On this planet Earth

In this Universe?

Continue to fly

Higher and higher,

My beautiful souls,

With your gigantic wings

With your heart, soul and God

As your Source and best companions

You have been doing amazing

Whether you believe it or not

You have come so far

Towards your freedom

Called your magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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