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Your God's Heart Song

That might make you feel down

Cry if you need to

Then go on a journey of

Diving deep within

You will hear your heart song

With the tones of the whole Universe

Singing deep to your heart and soul

A lullaby of God

That is unique to you

Holding space for you

With such a warm embrace

Beyond words

Washing away all your pain

Gently collecting back

All broken shattered pieces of you

Merging them into your being

Filling God within’s unconditional love

Into every cell of your body

Into every fibre of your being

Your total existence

Your unconditional love for you

You are Home with YOU

You belong with YOU

You are one with YOU

Whole and complete

With God’s life force and breath

Flowing through you

For all eternity

And you will see

No matter what

Deep within you is eternal hope

Deep within you is eternal trust

Deep within you is eternal strength

Deep within you is eternal deep wisdom

Deep within you is eternal knowing that

You are all stars

You are all galaxies

You are all milky ways

You are all oceans

You are all magic and miracles

You are all universes

You are all magical adventures

Of the Cosmos

Sparkling and twinkling

Calling for you

With your God’s heart song

Only made for you

With the deepest depth of all hearts

With the deepest vulnerability

With the deepest compassion

With the deepest kindness

With the greatest strength

With the greatest vastness

With the greatest joy and fun

Waiting for you to hear and express

And shine your light

You are the vastness of

The entire mysterious Universe within

Go on this epic adventure

Inside of you

Catch and receive all the gifts

Everything that God desires for you

Knowing that

You are so worthy and deserving

Of having and being it all

As it all is YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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