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Your God's Magnificent Sun

How many times did you feel ordinary

And normal like everybody else

Or that there was nothing special

Or greatness about you

Or that it is just for few special people

And it is not for you?

How many times were you told

‘Get real

How can you make money

From being a dancer, a singer,

A painter, a writer, a musician,

A writer, or whoever or whatever

You enjoyed doing and being?

How much of that

Was to teach you

To not believe you

To not believe in you

To not see you

To not trust you

To not be YOU?

How much of that was the projection of

Their own disbelief in themselves

Their own lack of trust in themselves

Their own unwillingness to see

Themselves and their greatness?

Since when did you decide

To suppress your being

To shut down and turn off your gifts

Thinking of them as

‘Oh, it is nothing’ or

To the level where you no longer

Recgonized what they are

Truly believing

You had no passion

You had no dreams

You had no desire

Nothing great about you

Just so so

Or just normal,

Ordinary like everybody else

Trying to be ‘real’

To make a living?

Does that feel heavy for you?

Because none of that is true about you

So everywhere you bought

All that lie as yours

From all those who taught you

And everything you did

To dismiss, deny and reject

Your extraordinariness and greatness

That was made as nothing

Or wrongness which wasn’t,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy and

Return it all to them please?

You are no ordinary


You are here reading this

You know it

I know it

God knows it

Would you like to acknowledge

And reclaim this total truth

About you for eternity

And be willing to do and be

Whoever and whatever

You enjoy being

That makes you smile

That liberates your soul

That makes you alive

That expands your being

That brings you joy,

That you truly be?

Everybody is extraordinary

Everybody is gifted

Everybody is a gift from God

With their unique

Extraordinariness and greatness

No exception

That means it includes YOU

No matter what you do

No matter where you are

Right now

You are born extraordinary

You are God’s magnificent sun

Would you like to acknowledge and

Reclaim who and what you are born to be

Without the need of anyone else’s approval

Without the need of proof

Right now?

That is choosing to trust you

That is your willingness to be different

From everybody else

Right there

That is your powerful capability

That none of those who

Taught all the lies about you

Was able or willing

To do and show you

Your smile is God’s radiant sunlight

Your happiness is God’s love

Your joy is God’s desire

Your abundance is your God’s gift

Your extraordinariness is

Your God-given birthright

That nobody can diminish

That nobody can oppress

That nobody can deny

That nobody can dismiss

That nobody can reject

Without your permission

Because you see it in you,

You see it in others and

Are such a miraculous space

For them to awaken

Their own extraordinariness

Along the way

That is how extraordinary you are

That is how different you are

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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