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Your God's Pure Heart

How much of your life have you spent

Having fear of others' judgments of you

As a good or bad person

As a success or a failure

As being right or wrong

As though you are not good enough

As though you don't do good enough

As though you do something wrong

As though you say something wrong?

Does this fear make you feel heavier or lighter?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie for you,

And most of the time it is the lies we buy

From others as real, true and ours

When it isn't

You are born to be happy

You are born to deserve all the best

That this world has to offer you

You are an infinite being

You are the child of God

You are God, and God is you

Lightness is you

Joy is you

Total awareness is you

Pure consciousness is you

Nothing less than that

Does it feel lighter for you?

As an infinite being that you are,

You are aware of everybody else's

Thoughts, feelings and emotions

That is how psychic you are

That is how aware you are

That is how powerful you are

As an infinife being,

You are totally and absolutely free

You are infinitely and magnificently powerful,

Would fear of others' judgments of you

Exist in your world?

With God as pure love,

Would God judge you as good or bad,

Right or wrong, a success or a failure,

Or it's just the endless game of the human mind

That has been trained and programmed

To judge oneself and one another

For eons of years

As though it is love

As though it is caring

When it is actually control?

So how much of this fear

Of others' judgments of you

Is actually what you perceive

From everybody else,

Thinking it is you, buying it as yours,

When it actually isn't?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is, would you like

To uncreate, delete, destroy and return

It all to senders please?

Let's look at Jesus

He was shamed

He was made wrong

He was tortured

He was crucified

He was outnumbered by so many

Yet he had no fear of their judgments of him

He had no fear of their torturing of him

Their judgments had no power over him

Their shame on him had no power over him

Their abuse of him had no power over him

Pain and suffering had no power over him

Because he knew the truth of who he was

And always will be

Because he followed his pure heart

Because he knew with all of his heart and soul

To the core of his being

That he is the son of God

That he had this body, yet he was not this body

That he had this mind, yet he was not this mind

That he was and always will be the eternal spirit,

The son of God that

No pain

No shame

No crucification

Could ever destroy him

Could ever shake his absolute truth

He is the forever living proof of the eternal truth

That lives within each and everyone of us

That is God

This is his message to all of us

That we as human beings,

We all have pain and suffering

We all have challenges in our lives

At one point or another

That either drag us down or pull us up

It is totally up to our choice

We have the total freedom

We have the total power

To choose to remember

The truth of who we are

The ultimate Source of

Where we come from

The ultimate Source that we all are a part of

The ultimate Source that we all return to

The ultimate pure eternal love

The ultimate total peace

The ultimate total serenity

The ultimate total eternal stillness

The ultimate eternal Home

Within each and every one of us

That nobody and nothing can ever

Have power and control over

This is true total freedom

Coming from the heart of all hearts

So what if you follow your heart

Allowing your heart to lead the way

Even when fears challenge you

Even when it doesn't make sense

Without having to follow anyone

Without having to please anyone

Without the need to fit in

Without the need to belong

Being your own authority

Being your own leader

Being your own creator

Being your own champion

Making your own choices

That are true and right for you

Regardless of fears

Regardless of naysayers

Regardless of what others think about you?

With your being, your pure heart and God,

You can never go wrong

The more you listen to your heart

The more you hear your truth

The more you speak your truth

The more you trust you

The more you shine your light

The more you be YOU

Freer, lighter and greater

Than ever before

This is who you are meant to be

Your heart is beautiful and pure

Your heart is resilient and strong

Your heart is gentle and kind

Your heart is deep and wise

Your heart is gigantic and magnificent

Your heart is loving and caring

Your heart is infinite and vast

Your heart is the answer

Your heart is the key

Your heart is the door

Your heart is the light

Your heart is infinite space

Your heart is infinite possibilities

That spread your wings

As a spectacular soaring phoenix

To your true total freedom

To be all of YOU

Your total being

Bright and brilliant

Powerful and capable

Eternal and infinite

Magical and miraculous

Beyond measure

Beyond words

Beyond description

Because that heart is YOU

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.


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