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Your God's Warrior Of Spirit

How much of your life have you spent

Feeling like an outcast

Belonging nowhere

Feeling misunderstood and unheard

As though you were such a bad person

You did something unforgivably terrible

Being said disempowering things

Either to your face or behind your back that

You are too much

You are too sensitive

You are stupid

You are mental

You are this

You are that

The list goes on and on?

Is it true for you?

How does it feel for you?

Lighter or heavier?

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie,

Most of the time it is the lie or lies

We buy from everybody else as ours

When they actually aren't

Only disempowering people disempower others

Only those who truly feel not good enough

About themselves and truly believe

They are not good enough to their core,

Would they try to say and do things

To bring you down to their level

In order to control you

To make them feel better about themselves

Out of their own pain that

They are not even aware of

As an infinite being you are,

As loving and caring as you are

As gigantic and kind your heart is,

You are highly aware of everybody else's

Thoughts, feelings and emotions,

How much of every judgment as good or bad,

All that shame said to you and about you,

Is what you perceived from all those

Who taught you, all the naysayers,

Thought it was you, bought it was yours

When it actually wasn't,

As a result of it, how much of your life

Have you doubted you,

Second-guessed you

And never trusted you

In every corner and at every turn

Beat yourself up and down

Left and right

With whatever you did or didn't do

With whatever you said or didn't say

Thinking and believing

You never did anything right

You never said anything right

There is something innately wrong with you,

Wait a minute, how much of it belongs to

All those who taught you again?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate,

Delete, destroy and return

All that pile of crap to senders please?

What if your true caring and lovingness

Is your willingness to saying NO

To taking on people's crap as your own?

What if you have done nothing wrong

Your entire life?

What if there is nothing innately wrong with you?

Your journey was or has been so deeply painful

With so much you went or have gone through,

Yet you are still here

Defying all odds

Keeping going for you

With this burning fire


For your pure heart

For your total freedom

For your God within you

To be Home with and as YOU

Nothing can destroy you

Nobody can put you down

Nobody can shame you

No pain can kill you

No naysayers can stop you

No judgments can dim your light

Without your permission

People can say and think

Whatever about whoever

It is out of our control

There will be naysayers

There will be judgments

There will be dislikes, hatred

Here, there and everywhere

Yet none of it matters

Because what matters above all else


Is your truth, not anybody else's

Is your trust in you

Is what you choose to think about you

Is how you choose to feel about you

Is what you choose for you

That brings you lightness and expansion

You are unstoppable

You are a powerhouse

You are a force to be reckoned with

That burning fire in you is indestructible

That magnificent light in you is unquenchable

What if naysayers' NO is your YES

That you actually are doing it right?

What if naysayers' NO is your YES

To keeping shining your light

To turning it up

Even bigger, brighter and greater

Than ever before?

Because you are willing

To be different and stand out

That takes courage of a hell

Of a warrior of spirit within you

What if naysayers' judgment

Is your compliment and amusement

As a thank you for this gift

Because you know deeply in your heart

Because of those judgments,

You have come to this place

Right here and right now

Getting stronger than ever before

Trusting you more than ever before

Embracing you for who and what you are

More than ever before

Because of all those judgments,

You have turned them into fuel

To empower you to walk faster,

To run in full force, and fly

Higher and higher

In order to be

All of YOU

Because you ain't willing

To conform to the mass

To fit in

To belong

To turn you down

To shut you up

To cut parts and pieces of you

To become everybody else that you are not

In order to please everybody else

Any longer

So what if you have done amazing

Way more than you are willing

To give yourself credit for?

What if you have done nothing wrong

When what you have been doing is

Running your own race

Desiring to trust you

Desiring to know you

Desiring to belong with you

Desiring to have you

Desiring to be you

To be the best that you can be,

To be the leader of your own path,

To be the creator of your own life,

To be the champion of your own journey,

Not compared with anybody else,

But compared with YOU,

Following that lightness and expansion

To come Home with you and God?

What if all naysayers' NO is your YES to

Your deep gratitude and appreciation

One million fold for YOU,

For your choices for YOU,

For where you are,

For all the good, the bad and the ugly,

For this life as God's gift

To take your innate power back

To take your voice back

To take your truth back

To be all of YOU?

Would you like to acknowledge and receive

All this greatness of and about you?

You are born to be happy

You are born to be joyful

You are born to smile and laugh

You are born to play and have fun

You are born to be free

You are born to shine your light unapologetically

You are born to have and be

All the best that you deserve in this world

You are worthy to have and be it all

Because it is your birthright

Because it is exactly what

God desires and has for you

You are on your way to reclaim

Who and what is yours and yours alone

Called the magnificent YOU

For all eternity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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