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Your Golden Sparkle

You are a golden sunshine

You are a golden sparkle

You are the golden light

That lifts others up

With your very presence

With your uniqueness

With your quirkiness

With your weirdness

With your difference

With your authenticity

With your honesty

With your vastness

With your generosity

With your bright smile

With your brilliant laughter

With your kind words

With your inner wisdom

Everywhere you go,

You leave a sparkle

That awakens and ignites

Others’ magnificent light

Whether you realize it or not

It is your greatness

It is your inner giant

That comes from your deepest heart

That eternally lives and radiates

No matter how much

You might have gone through

You are a blessing

You are a miracle

You are a gift

To humanity

For all eternity

You got this. One step at a time.

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