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Your Infinite Abundance Of Gratitude

Growing up, how many times did you

See and hear your parents or loved ones

Saying how they didn’t have enough

How little they had

How miserable they were, and

How much they suffered?

Did you feel so heavy

Like a huge weight

On your shoulder

A huge stone in your heart

Feeling so much love for them

Telling yourself that

You gotta succeed for them

While taking on all of their weight

As your own

During the process?

How much of your life have you spent

Trying to move ahead and succeed

For them and everybody else

Rather than for YOU?

Did you ever succeed or

‘It is not enough’ was part of your life

No matter how hard you worked?

How much of that life is even yours?

How much of your life have you spent

Carrying everybody else’s luggage

As your own, slowing you down

Destroying yourself for others

Believing this is you and

That is how life is supposed to be?

How much of self-destruction was

What you were taught and bought

From all those who taught you

As yours when it wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Were you ever acknowleded

For everything you did

For everything you be

For your pure presence

To contribute to the better

Of their lives and living?

So everything you have done

To not acknowledge, to deny

To reject and dismiss

Your abundant creations

Of infinite possibilities

To contribute to the lives

Of all those who you loved,

Therefore disavowing

Your greatness and YOU

Everywhere you purchased

All those beliefs

Made them all your reality

In order to help them

When we actually can’t help anyone change it

When they don’t want to change it

When they have already decided

To choose it as their reality

And everywhere you made you wrong

For thinking and believing

You failed to help them

You were not good enough

All those things along those lines

When the truth is that they didn’t want it

Therefore they weren’t capable of receiving

The amazing gifts you had to offer them,

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Uncreate, destroy it all

And return what doesn’t belong to you

To senders please?

What if everything you have done

And everything you have created

Is abundant way more than

You are willing to give yourself credit for?

You appreciate cruelty

Because of it,

You gain your infinite abundance

Of kindness you be

You appreciate pain,

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abundance

Of compassion you be

You appreciate anger,

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abudance

Of inner power you be

You appreciate fear,

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abundance

Of knowing, trust and strength you be

You appreciate grief and sorrow,

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abundance

Of ease and joy you be

You appreciate lack of appreciation

From all those who taught you,

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abundance of

Appreciation and acknowledgment

Of YOU and others

That you be

Because of it, you gain

Your infinite abundance

Of gratitude for God

Each and everyday

Exploding from your heart and soul

For everything God has gifted you

For the life God has gifted you

For all the life experiences you have had

And continue to have

In order to reclaim your freedom

To be all of YOU

You are on your way back

Home with YOU and God

That is how miraculous you are

You are the creator of God’s

Infinite abundance of all things

In and around you

There is always enough

There is always more than enough

There is always joy

There is always beauty

There is always abundance

Everywhere you see

No matter what the situation is

Because you choose to see YOU

Because you choose to see God

Because of your magnificent

Innate appreciation and gratitude

Beyond this world

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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