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Your Infinite Life And Living

How much of your life were you

Compared to your brothers and sisters

As the only way you knew how

To be good enough

And to be loved?

How much of your life were you taught

You gotta compete with others

At home, at school, at work

And everywhere else

You gotta have the highest score

You gotta be number one

Better than everybody else

In order to succeed

In order to be good enough

And if you weren’t, then

You failed, were less than and

Not good enough as everybody else?

Is it true?

Does it feel heavy for you?

As an infinite being,

You are lightness and expansion

Would you choose competition,

Comparison with others

To define success and failures

For your enoughness

As your reality?


So how much of the necessity

To compete and compare with others

How much of the definitions of

Success and failures based on it

And how much of ‘I fail’ or ‘I am a failure’

Is actually what you perceived

From your parents, loved ones,

Generations, ancestors, cultures,

Societies, students, teachers, schools,

Authority figures and everyone else

Thought it was you, bought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t,

In order to take away their pain

In order to connect with them

In order to be one with them

In order to understand them

In order to be loved

In order to be approved

In order to fit in and belong?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, delete,

Destroy and return it all to them please?

Let’s say there were nobody else

And nothing else left

On this planet Earth,

Then who would you have left

To compete with?


What if you have you, and only you

To compete with

Without expectations of you

Without projections towards you

Without rejection of you

Without separation from you

Without judgments of you

Without unkindness to you

To be a greater version of you

Than you were yesterday

Each and everyday?

As such, could failure ever exist

In your world as a reality?


What if the fact that

You have been going

In your own path

In your own lane

In your own way

Being willing to be different,

Think and function different

From all the lies you were taught

As though it was the only way

To be human

Reclaiming your life

Reclaiming your voice

Reclaiming your freedom

Reclaiming your total awareness

Reclaiming your total being

No matter what others say

Is your truth that

Competition and comparison

With others ain’t your reality?

What if the need to compete and compare

With others for success and enoughness

Is not to be human,

But it is insanity and madness

To contract you, make you less than

When you are not?

What if you got nothing to prove?

What if you got nothing to compete?

What if you got nothing to compare?

What if the fact that you chose,

At the soul level, to come into this life

Because you knew you could handle it

With whatever you would experience

And that you still choose your kindness

You still choose to thrive

You still choose your light

Is the proof that 

You have never failed

You have never been a failure

You are way greater than

Everything you were taught

You are way more capable

Than you are willing to

Give yourself credit for?

What if you are life itself

Without competition and comparison?

What if you are here

To embody life,

To experience life

To expand life

To be life

To shine your light

To the infinite

Without the need to compare

And compete with anybody else?

What if you are here

To show you and others

That this is the way to be human

That this is the way to be Home

That this is heaven on Earth

That we all can create

At any given moment we choose?

What if your mere existence and breath

Is such a blessing, a gift and a miracle

To everybody else around you?

What if your mere existence and breath

Has made this world a better place

In a way beyond your naked eyes?

That is the greatness of YOU

As infinite life and living

As infinite possibilities

You are born to be

You got this . One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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