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Your Infinite Wealth

How much of your life

Have you been taught that

Having the so-called good job

And a high status in the society

Having lots of money and possessions

Means richness, wealth and happiness?

Has any of it given you true peace?

Or all those things bring temporary

Satisfaction, then poof, it’s gone with

A new quest:

‘I need something else

I want something else

To feel happy and better again’?

Is there anything wrong with it?


If any of the above gave us true wealth

It would have all worked out perfectly,

We would have felt fulfilled

Happy, joyful and peaceful,

We would have stopped

Seeking and searching

More and more

For somebody else or something else

To fulfill our needs,

Haven’t we?

Instead we keep searching and searching

In other people and things

Making the same choices

Creating the same relationships

Over and over again

Keeping wondering why

Things don’t work out

The cycle never ends

Obviously, it hasn’t been working

What if we have been seeking

In all the wrong places

With people, relationships and things?

What makes your heart and soul sing?

What do your heart and soul truly desire?

What inspires you?

What expands you?

What empowers you?

What lifts you up?

What brings you permanent happiness?

What brings you permanent peace within?

What brings you eternal joy?

What brings you eternal bliss?

What brings you permanent wealth

Without fear of losing

Without the need to hold on to?

The ultimate question is:

What makes you permanently

Happy, at ease and fulfilled

With YOU

Without making anybody else

Or anything else

The ultimate source of your happiness?

There are those who are billionaires

Yet they still feel lacking,

Miserable and stressed

There are those who have little or none

Yet they feel abundant, joyful,

Loving and giving

What is the difference then?

It is not external circumstances,

People, money or things that decide

Whether we are happy, peaceful or not

It is our inner state of being

That decides how we feel

Regardless of what we have don’t have

Regardless of what is going on around us

What if this is your infinite wealth?

So what did you define as wealth

That actually isn’t?

Everything that brings up or lets down,

Would you like to uncreate, and destroy it all?

What if wealth has nothing to do with

How much money you have

How many accomplishments you gain

How many followers you get

How high your status is in the society?

What if none of them has anything

To do with the real YOU,

Your inner state of being?

Who are YOU then?

Do you notice that,

For a split second,

You are in complete blank

And have no answer to it?

That is great!

Go for it

That is your awareness of the energy

Tap into it

There is no weight, no solidity,

No form, no structure, no definitions

Nothing to define

Nothing to conclude

Nothing to hold on to

Yet completely light and free

Complete void

Complete stillness

What if that is exactly who you are?

The infinite reservoir of

Silence and stillness

Unknown and infinite possibilties

Ininfinity that has no beginning and no end

Imagine what phenomenal masterpieces

You can create and generate

As an infinite being that you truly be?

What if this is the real YOU?

What is this is your wealth?

What if it is way greater, bigger

And far more fulfilling

Beyond imagination

Than any other wealth

From external sources?

What if this wealth stays

With and in you for all eternity

Instead of coming and going, and

Whether you live or die?

What if wealth is your divinity?

What if wealth is your pure essence?

What if wealth is your magnificent light?

What if wealth is your generosity of spirit?

What if wealth is your infinite awareness?

What if wealth is your infinite all-knowing?

What if wealth is your wideopen, loving heart?

What if wealth is your infinite gentleness?

What if wealth is your infinite wisdom?

What if wealth is your eternal joy?

What if wealth is your eternal bliss

For no reason at all,

And staying there for all eternity?

What if wealth is your ocean of infinite love

For YOU?

What if wealth is all of YOU

For YOU?

What if wealth is your God within?

Does it feel lighter for you?

Would you like to receive it all?

If YES, you are on your way

To reclaim and own

God’s wealth you are born to be

You got this . One step at a time.

- Phuong

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