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Your Innate Lovingness and Caring

Whenever you feel guilty

Whenever you feel wrong

Whenever you feel bad

Whenever you feel fear

Whenever you feel

Any low-vibration thoughts,

Feelings, emotions at all,

How many times do you

Automatically judge you as wrong

For feeling and having them?

How much of your life

Were taught to not be human

And have no compassion for you

As the only way you knew

How to be loved?

How many times do you

Automatically assume

It must be you and your voice?

As God’s eternal loving soul

As God’s powerful infinite being

That you are

Would you have the voice of

Eternal lovingness for you or

Eternal judgment of you?

What if every judgment you

Have had of you at any moment

Was never yours


What if it was your father’s,

Mother’s, loved ones’

Authority figures’ voices

That you took as your own

That became an automatic programming

Running on the background

Without them having to be present

Saying it to you

Believing you thought it

You felt it, you heard it

So it must be you and yours

When it actually wasn’t?

Everywhere you judged you

Thinking you were bad

For blaming them

And therefore suppressed it

When it actually was your awareness,

Would you like to

Uncreate and destroy all that?

You are so loving and caring

That you want to make

Everybody feel better

That you even gave yourself up

And took on

Everybody else’s pain and suffering

Even though it wasn’t the best choice

For you in any way,

Were you capable of being bad

Were you capable of causing pain

At any moment

That you were implanted to believe

In any lifetime

Including this lifetime

At all?

It’s not even in your blood

It’s not even in your DNA

Everywhere you purchased the lies

From all those who

You believed loved you

When they actually didn’t and couldn’t

And gave your power away to them

Making them and their lies

Greater than you

That you were bad

That you were evil

That you were a monster

That you caused them pain

Any and all lies about you

That you could think of

As real, true and yours

In any and all lifetimes

Repeating it lifetime after lifetime

Bringing it into this lifetime

Blaming you endlessly

Believing that is how

You can make up for

The damage you caused

When what you did

Was actually being kind and caring

Was contributing to their world

Was expanding their world

While they weren’t ready to receive it

And blamed you for it?

Would you like to acknowledge

That truth about you

And return all those lies

To them please?

What if you are way greater than

Those voices that aren’t yours?

What if you are way greater than

All those who taught you?

What if you are willing and determined

To destroy and eliminate

All those disempowering voices

Whenever they come up

With these questions

‘Who am I being?

What am I being?

Who does this belong to?’

To bring up your awareness

Of who and what you are not

That is saying NO to lies to and about you

That is saying NO to unkindness to you

That is taking your power back

That is reclaiming YOU

With your willingness

To choose your awareness

Right there

Would you like to receive that

You are way more than capable

Of doing and being that Source for you?

Because you are infinite power and potency

You are infinite lovingness and kindness

That you were, are and always will be

For all ertenity and back

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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