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Your Intensity Is Your Phenomena

What if your perceived imperfections

Are your gifts and strengths?

What if they make you phenomenal

Like nobody else?

You might be thinking

Say what?

If you think you talk too much

If you think you are too sensitive

If you think you are too this or too that

And beat yourself up for it

Thinking it is the wrongness of you

Wait a minute

What if ‘talking too much’ is just

So much of your wisdom

That you have to share

With those who would love to receive you?

What if ‘too sensitive’ is actually

Your super-awareness of everything

And everyone around you

A gigantic heart

An unmeasurable amount of

Compassion for others?

What if that ‘too much’ whatever

Is just the intensity of

Your potency and light

The truth of who you are?

I was told I was too sensitive

I was told I talked too much

Throughout my life

I stuck myself with all of that

As the wrongness of me

Judging myself relentlessy

In order to keep myself in check

In order to fit in

In order to be normal

In order to be ‘perfect’

Could I ever be normal and perfect

No matter how much I tried?

Hell no

Am I still too sensitive? Hell yes

Do I still talk too much? Hell yes

Am I perfect? Hell no

Is it the wrongness of me?

Absolutely not

No more

It is my gifts and strength

It makes me Me

With warts and all

Let’s look at Kodi Lee

He was the champion of

America’s Got Talent in 2019

As a blind autistic singer

He is a phenomena with autism

With what the societies tend

To label as ‘disabilities’

Or something wrong

With people like him


You name it

And put them in a box to fix them

When actually it is their


Talents and gifts

And phenomena they truly be

So what is my message?

You don’t have to wait

For perfection to come

To feel good

Whole and complete

About yourself

It doesn’t exist

As long as we are human

In fact, what we perceive

As imperfections

Is what makes us human

What if you are whole and complete

Even with your warts and all?

What if you could declare and

Embrace all parts of you

Flaws or no flaws

As you might perceive

No matter what

From where you are

Right here and right now

Knowing that it makes you

Your greatness

Your phenomena

Like nobody else?

That is your kindness to you

That is your appreciation for you

As long as appreciation exists,

Judgment can’t co-exist

And it starts with you first, always

Self-love, self-kindness

Self-trust, self-appreciation

However we would like to call it

Is not a completion

It is a life journey

It is a life process

There is no perfection

In this practice

Including me

And that is totally ok

It just means there is more room

For our own growth and evolution

We keep growing

We keep evolving

To the infinite

There is no end point

So truth:

You are perfect with your imperfections

You are gifted with your imperfections

You are phenomenal with your imperfections

You are a brilliantly bright star

With your imperfections

That is the intensity of your greatness

Your genius within


Keep shining your magnificent light

Get wild

Shine bright

Live on

Soar loud


My beautiful souls

My fellow warriors

You got this. One step at a time.

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