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Your Journey Of Coming Home

How much of your life

Were you taught

It is God’s punishment

It is God’s divine plan

It is because of somebody else

It is because of circumstances

When it comes to challenges,

Pain, suffering, losses and more

As an explanation for understanding

As though God is the ultimate source

Who decides whatever happens in life

And it has nothing to do with choice?

Is it true?

It is the mind with all the lies,

Limitations and beliefs

That we choose from

That creates circumstances

That creates suffering

Not God

It is us who make our own choices

That create everything in our life,

Whether it is victory and glory,

Or a pile of crap,

It is our own creation

Based on our level of consciousness

It has nothing to do with God

So everywhere you bought

Challenges, pain and suffering

Have something to do with God,

Something else or somebody else

From all those who taught you

As real, true and yours when it’s not,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy

And return it all to them please?

What if all the challenges,

Pain and suffering

You have gone through,

And your healing journey

Is your choice to experience

In order to find your truth

In order to remember your soul

In order to embody your total being

In order to reclaim YOU

In order to remember God

That couldn’t have happened otherwise?

What if it is your journey

To embody hearing you,

Therefore hearing God?

What if it is your journey

To embody listening to you,

Therefore listening to God?

What if it is your journey

To embody trusting you,

Therefore trusting God?

What if it is your journey

To embody making choices

For you that sing to your soul,

Therefore communing with God?

What if it is your journey

To embody opening your heart

To, with, for and as YOU,

Therefore receiving God?

What if it is your journey

To embody experiencing your soul

Through every cell of your body,

Therefore experiencing God?

What if it is your journey

To embody your beauty and light

Your creation and generation,

Your transmutation and transformation,

Therefore being Home with God?

What if it is your journey of

Finding you, therefore finding God,

Not the other way around?

Because YOU are God, and God is YOU

You know it

That is why you have been walking

The path less travelled

It isn’t easy,

Yet it is nothing less than

Magical and miraculous

The more you walk your path

The brighter your light shines

Like a thousand suns

That is your masterpiece

That is your greatness

You are the key

You are the magic and miracle

You are the joy and ease

You are the bliss and ectasy

You are the entire Universe

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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