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Your Journey of Greatness Within

If you have hidden

Your greatness within

Your entire life

Have had no idea what it is

Or a vague idea of what it is

And keep searching for it

By remembering

The truth of who you are

Your soul

What if your greatness

Has already been with you

Your entire time since birth?

Greatness doesn’t mean

Something magical and mysterious

That you can’t or don’t have or

That you will be reaching out

And getting it in the future

And then it’s done and complete

With ease and all

Everytime you have chosen hope

In the face of hopelessness

Everytime you have chosen trust in you

In the face of doubts

Everytime you have picked yourself up

Over and over again

In the face of not feeling strong enough

Every little effort you have made

To choose YOU over and over again

To love you over and over again

To trust you over and over again

To appreciate you over and over again

For your total freedom to be all of YOU

That full commitment to you

To do, be, create and generate

Whatever you desire

Simply for...YOU

Despite any and all challenges

That is your greatness within right there

You have always been that greatness

Your entire life

That’s why you are here

Standing here and keeping going

No matter what

Where does that drive come from?

Your greatness within


What if now is the time

To acknowledge your greatness within

That you have already and always been?

It is not in the future

It is right here and right now

Take it all in

Soak it all in

Bathe yourself in it

Allow it to be unleashed

Allow it to be ignited alive

Allow it to be seen

Allow it to be heard

For the whole world and Universe

To celebrate it with you

You got this. One step at a time.

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