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Your Journey Of Infinite Liberation

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that once you are out of

Whatever problems, challenges,

Pain or suffering

You have in your life,

Whether it is emotional or physical,

Then you are liberated and ok?

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that once you have the results

You desire as expected,

Whether it’s money, career, relationships

Then you are ok and happy?

How much of your life have you spent

Believing that external circumstances

Decide how you feel and who you are?

If you are going through any challenges

Or hardship right now,

It is natural, normal and ok

If these thoughts pop up in your mind:

Why me?

I must have done something wrong

What did I do to deserve this?

Where is God in all this?

God must be punishing me

Why am I so unlucky?

Why do I have to go through this?

Life is unfair

When am I gonna get better?

When is it going to be better?

It has been too long

I am powerless, helpless and hopeless

I don’t have enough

This is not enough

The list goes on and on

At the same time,

Are they true for you?

Do those thoughts feel heavy or light for you?

Do they drag you down or lift you up?

Do they contract or expand you?

Do they wither or nurture your soul?

Do they get you closer to your

God and infinite being that you are

Or further away from

The truth of who you are?

Do they serve you in any way

That brings you joy and ease?


You are an infinite being

Lightness is YOU

Joy is YOU

Bliss is YOU

Ectasy is YOU

Victory and glory is YOU

Nothing less than that

Whatever feels lighter is always true for you

Whatever feels heavier is always a lie

So how much of all those thoughts,

Feelings, emotions, beliefs, patterns

And habits of thoughts, feelings and emotions

That drag you down and disempower you,

Is what you bought from all those who

Taught you as a kid and everyone else

Around you, made them real and true

And as yours when they weren’t?

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, delete, destroy

And return them all to senders please?

You might think

“Yeah right, easy to say, hard to do”

You are correct

If it took you 20, 30, 40 years and more

To create those thinking habits and beliefs

Therefore all problems and stress in your life,

When all you have been taught was

Nothing but that,

It is gonna take a while to change it,

To think, do, choose and be different

It only boils down to the questions:

Do you want to change it?

Do you want something different?

And how bad do you want it?

If the answer is YES,

And you are all in,

Then no matter how long it takes

No matter what it takes,

Then you can and will change it

Nothing is impossible for you

Everything is possible

Once you decide so

It is your willingness

It is your desire

It is your heart

It is your pure intention

It is your conscious choice

That matters,

Not the ‘can not’

Not the ‘when, how or if you will get there’

From the mind,

Because of that very doubt and thought,

It stops you from the very first place,

Everything you have done

To doubt you and your infinite capacity

Thinking and believing that

You can’t do it

You can’t change it

You aren’t strong enough

Your circumstances don’t allow you to

You don’t have time for whatever

You want to do and be for you,

Allowing all those thoughts and

All kinds of reasons and justification

To have control and power over you

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy it all?

What if liberation and freedom is

Not when we get the results we expect, or

When we are out of problems and challenges

When our body looks beautiful,

Healthy and perfect

When we wear beautiful clothes

When we travel all over the world

When our career is real successful

When we have real lots of money

When we have millions of people liking us

When we no longer have illnesses or diseases

Only then can we be ok and happy?

When we depend on the ‘when’

The ‘what’ to happen,

The ‘who’ for love, acceptance and approval

To feel happy or unhappy,

We reject and deny our own being,

Everywhere you have done that

To reject and deny YOU

The infinite power you truly be,

Everything that is,

Would you like to uncreate, destroy it all?

Challenges will keep coming

As long as we live,

Pain will come at any time

As long as we have a body

Pain and challenges aren’t a curse

They are there to stretch us

They are there to keep us growing

They are there to get us to

Cultivate and unearth our inner strength

Reclaim and own our birthright

Of joy, ease, bliss and ectasy

And embody the God within

That we all are created to be

If we are willing to take advantage of them

What if pain and challenges

Are the greatest gifts

And blessings we could ever ask for

That get us to change, transform and

Transcend our body and mind

Even when it doesn’t look or feel like it,

By starting to change with

Our very own thoughts in our mind

That empower us,

By seeking to find the divine meaning,

Purpose, inner knowing and wisdom

From all the external experiences?

What if liberation is your willingness

To turn to and remember your infinite being,

Your magnificent soul, your God,

Your ultimate Source

No matter how hard, painful and difficult

Your external circumstances can be,

Knowing that

You have this body, yet you are not this body

You have this mind, yet you are not this mind

YOU are God, and God is YOU

You are an infinite ocean of greatness,

And the infinite ocean of greatness is YOU

It is not that we say:

I am God, and God is me,

And that is it

I got it

Done, finished

No work is required


It doesn’t work that way

The intellectual knowledge is not enough

My just saying it is not going to cut it

Don’t trust me

Trust you

Don’t believe my words

Believe you

Experience and feel God yourself

With all of your heart

With every cell of your body

With every fibre of your being,

Not from anybody else,

As long as it is your ultimate goal

This is your liberation

It is not experiencing it one time,

Then it is enough to embody God

It is practicing and experiencing it

Over and over again

At any and every moment

For the rest of your life

And for all eternity

Until it becomes your way of living

Until it becomes second nature

Because this is the truth of who you are

This is your state of being

This is your birthright

This is your God-given gift,

We can only truly see

Others and all living beings

As God as pure love

Until we truly see and

Embody it within ourselves

And it does take a lot of work

Within and without

It does take a lot of effort

It does take countless sweat and tears

It ain’t easy, pretty or

All colors of the rainbow

At all times

It does take a lot of practice

Each and everyday

Each and every moment

To destroy the habit of disempowering

Thoughts, feelings, emotions

Patterns and beliefs

That identify ourselves with

The body and mind

Thinking this is who we are

This is all we got

In order to remember and embody

Our God we are all born to be

What if our purpose of coming here

To this planet Earth in this lifetime

Is to remember, reclaim and embody God,

The pure love that we all are

Regardless of whatever you

Want to create and experience

In your life?

What if liberation is your power to choose

Whatever thoughts and feelings

That either empower or disempower you?

That is the beginning of true liberation

It is the greatest gift and power that



No pain

No external circumstances

Can ever take away from you

Without your permission

What if liberation is not a destination,

But a process and journey of

Of practicing to be aware

By asking ourselves questions

For infinite awareness, clarity and truth,

Of making your conscious choice,

Over and over again, of

Whatever is light and expansive for you?

What if liberation is becoming and being

The master of your body and mind

No matter what happens externally

By that very practice?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible for you, and that

You are way more than capable of

Doing and being that Ultimate Source

For YOU as long as it is your desire?

You are on your way to reclaim,

Own and be the infinite liberation

As God’s magnifcent soul

As God’s magical miracle

As God’s brilliant mega-starlight

As God’s unstoppable warrior

As God’s pure love

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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