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Your Journey of Trusting You

You are in the perfect place

From wherever you are

You have been doing your best

With whatever you have available

Nothing has to or should be

More or less than what it is

Even if you don’t like

What is occuring or

Wherever you are,

What if it is the very moment

To know and trust that it is exactly

What is supposed to happen

To serve your very purpose of

Standing your ground

Appreciating you unconditionally

Loving you unconditionally

Trusting you unconditionally

Trusting your soul unconditionally

Trusting God unconditionally?

What if that is the very season

For you to do and be just that

In order to propel you

To your perfect divine timing

To everything magnificent

Magical and miraculous

That your soul and God

Have and prepare for you?

Trust doesn’t mean

Doubts have to go away

In order to trust

Your level of trust

Goes to the roof

Especially when

You doubt

Especially when you face challenges

And still choose trust anyway

It is a journey of choosing

Trust over doubts

What if that is what your soul and God

Desire for you

Nothing but just trusting

Leaning towards

Your soul and God inside of you

No matter what others say

No matter what happens or

Nothing happens as you expect?

What if this is your very season

Of trusting you and God

More than ever before?

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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