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Your Joy and Ease

Have you ever felt humiliated

Have you ever been made wrong

Have you ever been silenced

For expressing yourself

Whatever you thought

However you felt

Wherever you came from

Then you got confused

Experiencing the emotional turmoil

Feeling insane thinking that

You were all wrong?

How much of that was the manipulation

How much of that was the emotional abuse

That you were buying into

To make you believe that

You did something wrong

You weren’t allowed to express yourself

You were too much

It was all your fault

All of those things

Along those lines?

Can anybody silence you

Without your permission?

Can anybody humiliate you

Without your permission?

Can anybody guilt or shame you

Without your permission?


Your permission

Your freedom to choose

To say YES or NO

Is your very power

That noone can take away from you

The more you speak with

The wrong people for you,

The more you’ll feel wrong

The more it will drag you down

There is nothing you can do about it

There is nothing for you to fix

As it is not your job in the first place

It is a waste of your time and energy

To stay in those kinds of environments

To speak to those who aren’t right for you

They aren’t emotionally available for you

They aren’t emotionally capable for you

They can’t receive you

That is who they are

That is what they are

From where they are

Have you ever had the hope,

Spoken or unspoken,

That some day they will change?

How much of that is a lie that you buy?

Would you like to acknowledge

And see your total truth

Even if it might be painful as hell that

They won’t no matter how much

You try?

People can only change

When they themselves desire to change

And do whatever it takes to

Make it happen

Without you having to fix

Without you having to control

Without you having to do anything

That is total freedom

For both you and them

If you find yourself

In that situation,

Be aware of what is going on

Trust your feelings

Trust your intuition

It is guiding you

Honor you


Walk away

Let them go

Clear them out of your life

In order for you

To have space

To invite into your life

Those who are right for you

Would you like to know

What it feels like

To have those who can receive you fully

To have those who allow you to speak freely

To have those who empower you

To have those who inspire you

To have those who celebrate you

To have those who appreciate you

To have those who honor you

To have those who are emotionally available

To have those who are emotionally capable

For you

Because you choose you

For YOU?

All it takes is your YES

The Universe is saying YES back to you

It is done, sealed and delivered

You are on your way

Of creating your life and living

With greatness

With joy

With ease

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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