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Your Legacy

How do you feel,

When you tap into

The energies of

‘Money, followers,

Degrees and titles’

Probably wobbly, heavy and contractive?

How do you feel,

When you tap into

The energies of

‘Kindness, integrity,

Humility and generosity?

Probably grounded, light and expansive?

What did you define as legacy

That actually isn’t?

What if legacy is nothing

About material, solid things

But walking your path

Living through and moving beyond

Any challenges, discomfort and pain

Remembering and living

Your soul and life purpose

Your passion for life and living

Unearthing and reclaiming

Your gigantic genius within

With your talents and gifts

With your infinite capacities and capabilities

With your magic and miracles

With your kindness and generosity of spirit

With your total freedom and power to choose

As you are created to be

As a messenger of God

Being infinite lightness and expansion

Being an inspiration and empowerment

To any lives you touch for them to

Remember the truth of who they are

For their own transformation

For their eternal light to reignite

For their gigantic greatness to be awakened

For their infinite lightness and expansion

In their world?

Even if it is one life you touch

That includes...YOU

What if your legacy is YOU?

Your being

Your soul

Your God within

Your light

To be lived

To be shined




Beyond measure

To you

To others

To all Universes

To be remembered

Beyond and back

You got this. One step at a time.

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