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Your Light From Within

If you felt not good enough

If you felt unseen or rejected

For your talents and gifts,

Did you find you go into the spiral of

‘What’s wrong with me?

I could have done more

I could have done less

I shouldn’t have done this

I should have done that’

All those things along the lines?

As an infinite being that you are,

Would you feel not good enough?

How many of those thoughts and feelings

Are even yours?

What if there is nothing wrong with you?

What if everything you have done

Is way more than enough

Than what you are willing

To give yourself credit for?

What if you have nothing to prove?

What if you are already enough

Exactly as you are right now?

What if those feelings are a message

To let you know to go in another direction

To honor you?

No obstables

No rejections,

Spoken or unspoken,

Can dim your light

Without your permission

Nobody and nothing

Is greater than you

Without your permission

Nobody’s acceptance or non-acceptance

Nobody’s approval or disapproval

Is greater than your own approval of you

Keep sharing with those who

Need your talents and gifts

Keep sharing with those who

See your talents and gifts

Keep sharing with those who

Appreciate your talents and gifts

Keep sharing with those who are

Open and willing to receive

Your talents and gifts

As you choose to

See and receive

Your talents and gifts in YOU

Before anybody else

That is loving you

That is kindness to you

That is trusting you

That is choosing you

Right there

Would you like to

Perceive and receive

What it feels like to

To live your dreams

To live your purpose

To express your soul

With total ease and flow

With total freedom

With total gifting and receiving

With all the right people for you

Without having to prove yourself

Without the need of anyone else’s

Acceptance or approval

Other than your own

With the very choice you make

To honor YOU?

The journey you have been walking

Is not easy

There are times you had to walk alone

It does take so much strength and courage

To be as different as you are

To be as extraordinary as you are

To get to where you are right now

And towards your extraordinary future

Who can do better than that

Other than YOU?

You are the spark

You are the light

You are the glow

You are the soul

You are the fire

You are the flame

You are the joy of God

You are the heart of God

You are the voice of God

You are the expression of God

You are the gift of God

You are the hope

For so many others

Who need your light

Whose souls are awakened

Whose extraordinariness is ignited

Because your light is undeniable

Your light is unstoppable

Your light is radiant

Your light is magnificent

From you heart and soul

For all eternity

No matter what

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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