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Your Magic Breath Of Life

With the abuse you suffered,

How many times were you made

To believe that

Everything that went wrong

All the anger and unhappiness

Of your authority figures

Was your problem,

You were the cause of it all

You were supposed to fix it all?

Did you feel powerless and impotent

Each and everytime

For being unable to fix it

No matter how much you tried?

Would an infinite being that you be

Feel powerless and helpless

Or is it what you perceived from them?

Everywhere you bought it as yours

When it actually wasn’t

Would you be willing

To return it all to them please?

With that amount of emotional insanity

You experienced and the fact that

You are standing here,

Is it true that you were powerless

Or is it that you were so powerful

Way more than you are

Willing to acknowledge

For not just being able to survive it

And but also getting you out of it

Reclaiming your life and freedom?

Would you like to

Acknowledge and receive

That total truth about you?

When was the first time

Did you decide to be

A problem solver

Taking it all on

Locking it all up

Into your body

For all those whom you loved

Buying their lie that

It was the only way

For their love and attention?

Did you ever get it?

Did your taking on

Ever make them feel better

Or did they throw more at you

And it never stopped?

How much of your life

Have you spent looking

For problems to solve

Finding you facing

Problem after problem

To overcome and

Never seeming to get ahead

As a result of it?

What if it was never your problem

From the first place?

What if your mere presence in their lives

Was such a gift and miracle

To show them different possibilities

That they weren’t capable of receiving?

Did you make you wrong for it?

Everywhere you made you wrong

Feeling powerless and impotent

For their inability to receive

For their decision to not receive

For not being able to fix it

For not being able to change it

For not being able to heal them,

Would you be willing

To uncreate and destroy all that?

What if by returning

Their problems to them,

You gain more of your love for you

You gain more of your freedom for you

You gain more of YOU

Without the need of

Their love and approval?

What if life is your journey

Of destroying all the lies

That you were taught

That limit you?

What if life is your gift

To be YOU

Without having to be anybody else?

What if life is your reservoir

Of infinite possibilities?

What life is your innate ease

To be experienced

No matter what comes in your way?

What if life is your infinite wisdom

To be unearthed?

What if life is your triumph

To be celebrated

With empowering and loving seeds

For YOU?

What if life is your rebirth

To be your magnificent soul

You are created to be?

What if life is your experiencing

Of your greatness and joy

That you truly be?

What if that is your life

That you are meant to live?

Would you like to receive

What it feels like

To live and be life

Without having to

Look for problems to solve

That contract you

And with infinite possibilities

That expand you?

That life is YOU

The breath of your loving heart

The breath of your unstoppable spirit

The breath of your powerful soul

The breath of your being fullness

The breath of your beautiful light

The breath of your burning fire

The breath of your infinite life force

The breath of God that you be

For all eternity

With you and your breath,

The world is a much better place

No matter where you are right now

That is how magical you are

That is how miraculous you are

That is how powerful you are,

My beautiful souls

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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