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Your Magical Symphony

When you do something

That you love so much

From your pure heart and soul

Simply for your joy and fun

Simply for your freedom and ease

With total allowance of you

With total allowance of

Those whom you meet

From different walks of life

That lightens you and them up

That sings to your soul and theirs

That expands your being and theirs

That empowers you and them

Without projections and expectations

Other than your pure intention

Turning their inner light on

That is way brighter than the sun

Igniting their inner power alive

Fanning it bigger and brighter

To the level it explodes

To their lightness like air

To the level it is so magnificent

That they recognize and acknowledge

This is what their beings feel like

This is what their souls feel like

Way beyond their bodies

Without any contraction

Vast and spacious

Infinite and beyond

Exciting and joyful

Blissful and peaceful

Filled with their unlimited energy

From within

At ease and flowing

With the energies of all things

Merging as one

With the entire Universe

Through every molecule

Through every cell

Of their bodies

To the level where

They feel so safe with you

They drop all of their barriers

They open themselves up with you

They are so ready and willing to receive

Everything that you have to offer to them

Trusting and knowing that

You are holding the torch

Leading them back

With total safety

To their own magnificent souls

To remember their soul and life purpose

To reclaim their life and living

To reclaim all of their talents and gifts

To reclaim their true inner joy and ease

To reclaim and hold up their own torches

To reclaim their total power

Their total freedom to choose

To create a phenomenal future

That they are created to be

It is not so much about

What techniques or tools you use

To allow them to get there

It is so much about your

Infinite capacities and capabilities

Of creating and being a safe space

For them to be ready and willing

To receive with every fibre of their being

From wherever they are at

Then you will work any and all techniques

Beyond any and all techniques

With ease

Without effort

Without forcing

Deep from your pure heart

Deep from your pure soul

To theirs

That is honoring you and them

That is co-creating and collaborating

With every eternal soul you meet

To create your and their

Masterpieces of the Universe

That is how powerful you are

That is how powerful they are

Beyond imagination

That only you and every soul you touch

As the precious children of God

As the powerful leaders of future

As the courageous warriors of light

Can create together

The miraculous symphony

The magical dance

Of the entire Universe

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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