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Your Miraculous Heart

How many times have you had

The experiences where

You said empowering, loving, kind words

Filled with wisdom and possibilities

Where it left you wondering

‘Where does all that come from?’

Or you naturally did something

Even when it was a small act of kindness

Coming from your burning desire

To lift someone else up

For their lightness, expansion and freedom

That sang to your soul?

How much of your life did you

Experience abuse and yet you still

Choose kindness as your strength?

How many times have you felt

So honored and blessed

When you even got to be in service

To someone when they needed it?

It not just lifts their whole world up,

It lifts our whole world up as well

It is gifting and receiving

It is contribution and expansion

To each other’s soul

Whatever has happened,

Cruetly or not,

You still choose your pure heart

Of being in service to others

In however way you can

From wherever you are

With whatever you have

Available at any moment

As your foundation

That you truly be

That is the meaning in life

Beyond anything else

Deep within your heart

That expands your soul

That is why you are here

On this planet Earth

That is why you keep going

Regardless of whatever challenges

Would you like to

Acknowledge and receive

That is how pure and genuine

That is how gigantic and enormous

That is how loving and caring

That is how brave and courageous

That is how wise and aware

That is how vulnerable and strong

That is how open and expansive

That is how powerful and resilient

Your heart is, and

All of it is YOU?

What if you have always known

You are way more capable of

Opening your heart

Fully and completely

Than you are willing to

Give yourself credit for?

Would you like to receive that

It is safe and possible

To lower all barriers

To burst your heart wide open

Blossoming as thounsands of

Petals of a magnificent lotus

As your infinite inclusiveness

As your infinite being

As your infinite awareness

As your infinite knowing

As your infinite wisdom

As your infinite miracle

As your infinite blessing

As your infinite bliss

As your infinite ectasy

As your entire Universe

You are born to be?

All it takes is your YES

It is your spectacular adventure

Of reclaiming all of YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

For my book Ignite Your Soul Alive:

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