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Your Miraculous Reference Point

Have you ever had fear that

Some certain thing

Would happen again

Because you had experienced it

So many times in the past?

Does it feel lighter or heavier for you?

As the infinite being that you be,

Would you have fear?

What if it is your awareness

That this is not working for you

That if you are willing to acknowledge it,

It would allow you to

Stop making the same choices

Start going in a totally different direction

Making totally different choices

From a totally different place?

Have you ever vowed to yourself

Certain things or feelings

That you didn’t want

Whether it’s disappointment,

Sadness, hurts, betrayal

You name it,

Would never happen again

By remembering them

And ended up being

In repeated situations

With repeated same feelings

Over and over again

That you wanted to get rid of

From the first place?

They are the reference points of the past

That we use to make choices and decisions

For the present and future

Thinking they will get us somewhere

When they actually keep us stuck

How many reference points of the past

How many oaths, vows and commitments

Did you make to remember

All those reference points

All the pain and hurts

All the feelings that you didn’t want

Lock them all up in your body

Thinking it would free you from the past

When it actually didn’t?

Would you like to

Disrupt and destroy them all?

Would you like to

Revoke and recant them all?

What if losing them all

Opening up space

For your total truth

For your infinite possibilities

To come in

Is gaining all of YOU after all?


What would it feel like

Without the reference points of the past?

What if your soul and God within

Is your miraculous reference point instead,

What would you choose then?

Nothing but joy and fun for you?

Nothing but your total highest truth?

Nothing but your total clarity?

Nothing but ease with and for you?

Nothing but your total awareness?

Nothing but your lightness and expansion?

Nothing but your kindness to you?

Nothing but your total trust in you?

Nothing but total freedom

To be YOU?

All it takes is your willingness to

Dive deep into you

To fly high and freely

By bringing into your awareness

Any and all reference points

Any and all decisions and conclusions

From the past

That you were unconscious of

That got you to repeat the same patterns

That are no longer serving you

In the present

And smash them all in an instant

With your power to choose

What is true and light for you

Would you like to know that

It is safe and possible

That you are more than capable

Of doing and being that

With your very choice to

To trust your knowing

That lightens up and expands your world

With your soul and God within

As your reference point?

The more you choose

To trust your knowing

The more you trust you,

The more you trust you

The more you free you,

The more you free you,

The more you are Home

With your soul and God

Your heaven on Earth

Your state of being

You are born to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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