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Your Needs Matter

How much of your life

Were you taught that

It was wrong for you

To have your needs?

How much of your life

Have you spent knowing

And listening to others’ needs

But your own

Therefore dimming your light?

Your light is so bright and brilliant

That no matter how much

You might have tried to hide it

It still glows and shows

The truth of who you are

In so many different ways

Now how many times

Have you been told

To do this or choose that

Or just let go already

And step into it?

Does it work for you?

For some, it might work

For some, it might not

For some, a push might work

For some, it might backfire

One size can’t fit all

It can be the same message

It can be the same information

But it depends on how it is delivered

Based on where you come from

Where you are at

What your needs are

That would allow you

To receive or reject it

If you feel resistant or freak out

To step into your greatness

Or to do whatever

You aren’t wrong for it

How much of that resistance

Or freaking out is actually your knowing

Your awareness of your magnificence

Your greatness within

Your power and potency

That you truly be?

What if just that acknowledgment alone

Of your amazing awareness

Is all it takes to open up

And expand your world

Without having to push or do anything

To make things happen right now?

If you go to someone for help,

It means you desire change

You just need an approach

That works for you

According to your needs

That would allow you to

Feel safe to receive

Anything and everything

That is available for you

You are in the perfect place

From wherever you are

At your own pace

In your own way

That is unique to you

You are so worthy and deserving

Of the time and space for whatever

You need to work through

That is right and true for you

Nobody knows what you need


Your needs matter


Allow them to be heard

Allow them to be acknowledged

Starting with you first, always

By listening to and

Honoring how you feel

Nobody experiences your experiences

Nobody knows what you have done

What choices you have made

With whatever you had available

To keep going for your freedom

Regardless of how many struggles

Or hardship you might have gone through


You do know what you require and desire

You do know what is right and true for you

It is your own path

It is your own adventure

To explore for you

You are ready when you are ready

You will step into your greatness

On your own terms

That is when it is most powerful as

It comes from your power within

It comes from your free will

It comes from your inspiration

It comes from you total freedom

To choose that simply for YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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