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Your New Magical World

How many times did you

Have the experiences

Where you spoke, and

Nobody understood or

Was interested in

What you had to share

Then you would always

End up feeling heavy as hell

Thinking and believing

There was something wrong with you

Making you wrong relentlessly

Beating you up harshly for it

Vowing to yourself

You would never speak again

You would silence your voice

You would dim your light

In order to please others?

As an infinite being that you be

With infinite lightness and expansion

With God’s total awareness

And all knowing,

Would there be anything wrong with you?

How much of

‘There is something wrong with you’

Is actually what you perceived

From others, felt and thought

It was you and bought it was yours

When it actually wasn’t?

A little, a lot or all of it?

Everything that is,

Would you like to

Return it all to senders please?

What if what you had to share

That was seen as wrongness

Is actually your light and fire

Your brillance and greatness

That you are born to be?

So everywhere you vowed

To turn you off

To silence you up

To shut you down

To supress your being

In order to be liked

While it withered your soul inside,

Would you like to

Delete and destroy

Revoke and recant

All those oaths and vows please?

Would you like to receive

What it feels like

To know when to share with

Who to share with

And to recognize those who

Would love to hear you

And are capable of receiving you

And what you have to say

With total ease

Without having to prove yourself

Through every cell of your body?

Would you be willing to

Speak your brilliant language

That only is a contribution

And expansion to you

That creates a totally different world

Beyond this world

Regardless of others

Understanding you or not

Liking you or not

Joining you or not

Knowing deep

In your heart and soul

You are born different

You are born extraordinary

And that’s where you are going

No matter what?

That is choosing to trust you

That is choosing to care for you

Right there

What if it is exactly what you need

In order to build and move forward

With your unshakeable foundation

That is your magnificent YOU?

You are a powerful leader

You are a creative genius

Creating a magical new universe

Simply for YOU

For your joy and ease

For your victory and glory

For your light and fire

For your adventure and fun

For your infinite possibilities and greatness

You are born to have and be

You got this. One step at a time

- Phuong

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