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Your Path of a Warrior

It’s your life

It’s your world

It’s your battles

It’s your choice

It’s your truth

It’s your race

It’s your path

It’s your power

It’s your freedom

It’s your wonderland

It’s your kingdom of God within

Stay in your lane

Run your race

Walk your path

With your sword of bright, eternal light

With your armor of unbreakable courage

With your gentle heart of a giant

With your horse of warrior companionship

With your soul marching song

With your dance rocking

The Earth and Universe

In the battles for

Your soul growth and evolution

To embody everything that

God created you to be

Your greatness within

What is your path?

What is your truth?

It’s your converations with God

It’s your conversations with you

It’s you with YOU

Your very own soul

Keep going, my fellow warriors

You got this. One step at a time.

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