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Your People

If you ever feel or get told

You talk too much

You are too much

You are too sensitive

You are too emotional

You are too intense

You are too this or too that,

Is it heavy for you?

Is it true for you?

Or is it just that

They can’t handle you, and

They aren’t your people?

What if you don’t have

Try to fit in or belong

In order to survive

By buying into all those lies

And making you wrong

Simply for being you?

What if you stop going against you

In order to truly live

Simply for you?

What if you start going for you

In order to be free

Simply for you?

What if you are willing to stand alone

Even if you have to

Simply for you?

What if it will create space

For you to invite the right people

Into your life

Who appreciate you

For who you be?

What if that ‘too much’

Is what you makes you

Brilliant and unique, and

A huge contribution

To all those who appreciate you?

You are infinite lightness and expansion

Not heaviness and contraction

You are your unconditional love for you

Not anybody else’s love and approval

Not even your father’s

Or your mother’s

Or whoever you love

To determine whether you matter or not

Joy and happiness is your birthright

Not pain, suffering and misery

It takes the willingness and courage

To lose anybody and anything

That doesn’t work for you

To have and be all of YOU

If you think you can’t do it

For all the good reasons

You might have,

That’s ok

You are never wrong

For whatever you think

And however you feel

Here’s what I know

As long as you have the burning desire

To set you free,

You will find a way

To move through and beyond

Whatever holds you back

No matter what

That is your choice right there

That is your trust right there

Even if you doubt

That empowers you

Keep being ‘too much’

There is nothing wrong with you

That is your greatness of a genius

That is what makes you

Different from everybody else

Go for your right people

They are waiting for you

You are moving in the right direction

For choosing YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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