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Your Power to Choose

Whatever you do, people are gonna judge you any way, either good or bad, right or wrong.

It is out of your control.

Allow your heart and soul to be your inner compass. Allow your dream, vision and life purpose to be your anchor and your path. Reclaim your power to choose to come back to your inner compass and anchor again and again. Choice is the most powerful God-given gift we can ever have in life. Noone can take that away from you unless you allow it to. Whatever judgments might be, Choose your dream and purpose anyway. Choose your power and potency anyway. Choose to love and trust you anyway. Choose your potency anyway. Choose to speak your truth anyway. Choose to inspire and empower you anyway. Choose to inspire and empower others anyway. Choose your lightness anyway. Choose your light anyway. Choose to continue to shine your light anyway. Choose to continue to expand you anyway. Choose your freedom to be you anyway. Choose more of you and all of YOU, your being anyway. No matter what You are indestructible. You are unshakeable. You are unbreakable. You are unstoppable. Judgments are no match for you. Keep allowing inspiration to be your anchor and expansion. Keep going in your path towards your dream and vision. You got this. One step at a time.

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