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Your Safe Space

How many times were you told

To let it go

To get over it already

To think positive

To focus on the good

To forget all the bad

To not fear

Whenever you shared

What was called ‘negative’

Thoughts, feelings and emotions?

How did that you make feel?

Wrong for feeling them?

Dismissed for speaking them?

Unheard for expressing them?

Not understood for where you came from?

And not good enough

For not being able to

To let it all go

As you were told?

Was it light or heavy for you?

Was it expansive or contractive for you?

Whenever you feel heavy, and

Are made wrong

For however you feel

For whatever you think,

There is nothing wrong with you

You have done nothing wrong,

It is a message to let you know

They are not right for you

They lack compassion for you

As they aren’t capable of it for themselves

They can’t handle it

They can’t handle YOU

The gigantic magnificent YOU

You don’t have to adjust yourself

You don’t have to silence yourself

You don’t have to suppress yourself

You don’t have to shut you up

You don’t have to turn you off

To make you right

For those who aren’t right for you

Hear you

Turn you on

Turn you up

Louder and greater

Your voice is gold

Gifted from God

It needs to be heard

Allow you to be heard

With total ease

By choosing those who can be

That safe space for you

With their kindness

With their compassion

From their hearts and souls

To yours

Without you having to

Do anything to earn for it

You are born worthy and deserving

Of that safe space for you

The more you are allowed

To express yourself

With those who are right for you,

The more you are able to process

What needs to be processed for you

To get through it

In order to get over it

For your healing

For your growth

For your transformation,

The more you will know

What it feels like

To have healthy relationships for you,

The more you will know

What it feels like

To have compassion for you,

The more you will know

What it feels like

To listen to your feelings

To hear what they say

To understand you

To hear you

To feel you

To see you

To honor you

To receive you

To connect with you

To love you

To trust YOU

Without any wrongness of you

You are creating everything

That is light and expansive

That is right and true

That is magical and miraculous

That is joy and ease

That is abundance and freedom


With your infinite wisdom

With your total awareness

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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