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Your Season

During the difficult times

Especially this coronavirus pandemic

It could be a setback to you

You are not alone

We all are in this together

As Joel Osteen says:

‘A setback is a setup for a comeback’

What if this is your season of

Uprooting what no longer serves you

Burning it all down once and for all

Planting new nourishing, empowering seeds

Allowing them to take root, grow and blossom

In this magnicent garden of heaven on earth

Filled with bright, brilliant, eternal light

Called YOU?

This is your season of preparation

This is your season of building up

This is your season of strengthening

Love for you

Kindness to you

Appreciation for you

Trust in you

Trust in life

Trust in God within

Trust the process

This is your season of transformation

For a maginificent comeback

Greater than ever before

Find and use any tools in your toolkit

That serve you and this season

Sing an anthem song

With the drums playing

To your heart and soul

Celebrating your season

Of shedding all the armors

That are not you

To leave space for

Your brilliant mind

Your gigantic, gentle heart

Your powerful, eternal soul

Your bright, burning light

With all the colors of a rainbow

And beyond

To birth, rise, shine

And roar to the world

World, get ready for

The comeback of your magnificent YOU

You got this. One step at a time.

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