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Your Soulful Ride

When you don’t get certain results,

Do you feel not good enough?

Do you feel disappointed?

Do you think that you fail?

Does it make you feel heavy?

Because it is a lie

None of it is true about you

What if it is not about

What certain results

You must get

To define your greatness

But it is about your journey

Of nurturing and blossoming your soul

By the loving and empowering seeds

You gift to you

By your willingness

To ask questions

To find your God’s truth

For your lightness and expansion?

What if those moments

Are the gifts to

Lift off the pain you experienced

To heal your heart

To cleanse your soul?

What if those moments

Propel you to strengthen

Your very relationship

With YOU and God

That you require and desire?

What if those moments

Empower you to understand you

At a much deeper level

You have never gone to before?

What if those moments

Get you to gain more

Of your infinite wisdom?

What if your willingness

To ask questions

For your inner knowing

Are the empowering seeds

You choose to plant for

Your mind and body

Your heart and soul

To break the patterns

To uncreate all the lies

That you were taught

That are never true about you

To see your total truth

And total awareness

To reclaim your greatness

That you are already born to be

Regardless of whatever results?

What if you don’t have to know

What specific steps from A to Z

Or a specific plan that

Things must go a certain way

Or that you must see things

In detail ahead

In order for you to trust?

What if it is your willingness

To trust your inner knowing

Deep from your heart that

You are nurturing your soul

You are blossoming your soul

You are coming Home

With your soul

And keep going

No matter how things turn out

No matter things make sense or not

No matter who is or is not with you

No matter who understands you or not?

What if it is not about the end results

But it is about your journey

Of enjoying the ride

Of enjoying YOU

Of choosing your total kindness

To you and your total trust

In YOU and God

With the very empowering seeds

You plant and grow

Each and every day

Each and every challenge

You face that

You are born to fly

You are born greatness

You are born bright and brilliant

You are born gigantic and extraordinary

You are reclaiming it all

No matter what

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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