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Your Superhuman Fire

When you do

What you love

If you are not sure

Have doubts about

What you are doing

Where you are going with this

If you hear yourself or others saying

What you do is not good enough

Whether you are making the right choice

It is ok to have all those thoughts

It is part of the process

Be aware of them

There is no right or wrong choice

There is just choice

Keep choosing

From wherever you are

You are in the perfect place

Where you need to be

For whatever choice you make

Keep doing what you love

With your soul and life purpose

As your path

It is that very purpose

That gives you meaning in life

That gives you the drive

To keep breathing

To keep standing

To keep striving

To keep going

To keep choosing

To be responsible for your own life

Without the need of anyone

To fulfill it for you

Without expectations of certain results

With more possibilities

With more consciousness

With more awareness

With more contribution

With more expansion

With more freedom

With more ease

With more joy


For your spirit

For your soul

For your light

For your growth

It is a practice

It is a journey

To believe in you

To trust you

What is it that you do

That gives you more freedom

Of self-expression

That ignites your fire alive

That gives you

The unlimited energy and potency

Of a superhuman that you be

And gets you to do and be more of it?

That is your spark

That is your soul speaking

That is your inner compass

That is the key to your freedom

Regardless of what others say

Regardless of what they like or dislike

What you do or not

Keep choosing your spark

As long as it makes you feel good

As long as it makes you feel light

As long as it makes you feel expansive

As long as it makes you feel alive

As long as it inspires you

As long as it empowers you

As long as it gives you inner strength

As long as it lifts up your heart and soul

And the people you touch along the way

As long as it helps you

Believe more in you

See more of you

Acknowledge more of you

Receive more of you

Your talents and gifts

And everything you have

To offer to you and the world

Do it for you first

Enjoy it for you first

Acknowledge it for you first

Have fun with you

Dance with you

Laugh with you

Smile with you

With that spark

With that fire within you

It is the meaning of life

Beyond all money

Beyond all certificates

Beyond all degrees

Beyond all circumstances

You create circumstances

Circumstances don’t create you

You are a powerful creator

Of your miraculous realities

Of your expansive circumstances

That contribute to and empower

YOU and others along the way

One moment at a time

One thought at a time

One choice at a time

One day at a time

You got this. One step at a time.

- Phuong

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