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Your Superhuman Power

Have you ever been labelled

As crazy, insane or not normal

When you think and function

So different from everybody else?

What if the so-called craziness,

Insanity or abnormality

Is your phenomenal gift

Your greatness within

Your inner genius

Like X-Men

Wonder Woman?

Your existence is a gift to life

Your presence is a gift to life

Your difference is a gift to life

What if now is the time

To acknowledge

Reclaim and own it all?

It is your fingerprint

With your name on it

It is your uniqueness

It is your phenomena

It is your extraordinariness

It is your eternal light

That never dies

That lives and burns

Brightly and eternally

Inside of you

It can’t wait to rise and soar

No matter how much

You might try to hide it

You are meant to play big, not small

You are meant to expand, not contract

You are meant to be seen, not hidden

You are meant to roar, not keep silent

You are meant to lead, not follow

You are meant to have joy and fun, not suffer

Roar your voice

Roar your truth

Roar your creation

Roar all of YOU

Turn YOU up

With everything you got

Until it explodes to the Universe

With your superhuman power

Celebrating your total being

Your total existence

Your mega-starlight

By continuing to choose you

No matter what

Keep going,

My fellow warriors

Be crazy

Be not normal

Be different

Be magnificent

Stand out

Own it

Own you


You are a superhuman

You are a genius

That God created you to be

You got this. One step at a time.

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