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Your total freedom and total allowance

Have you ever had the experiences where you wanted to help someone and the more you tried to help, the more you and your body got heavier while they wouldn’t change?

Then you might end up feeling frustrated, tired or exhausted as they wouldn’t choose anything differently?

How much of what you did is actually thinking and deciding they needed help, or they needed this or that when they actually didn’t?

What did you define as caring that actually isn’t?

Caring is allowing others to be where they are without making them wrong for their choices

Or making you wrong for not being able to help them

We can’t help someone when they don’t ask for it, or when they aren’t ready or willing to receive it

How much of that is actually controlling despite a good intention of what you think is best for them instead of allowing others to be, make their own choices, their own mistakes, learn from them and grow for their own evolution?

It is their path

Their journey

Their total freedom

Their total power to choose

Helping and caring doesn’t mean that you allow others to drag you down with their same choices that keep them stuck

Helping and caring for you and others also means

Sometimes you have to

Leave them there

Leave their space

For your total freedom and power to choose and be you from where you are at

For their total freedom and power to choose and be them from where they are at

You are the only one who knows what you need

You are the only one who knows what is true for you

Nobody else

You are never wrong for whatever choices you make

Even if those choices make you fall

People might think those choices work against you

What if those choices never work against you ever, but always work for you in some way no matter what?

That you can’t learn otherwise?

What if they help you learn, grow, get stronger, trust you a whole lot more from all those fallings

Instead of listening to somebody else saying this is wrong, that is right and you’d end up doubting yourself and your choices for the rest of your life?

It is your own path

Your own journey

Your own way of learning and growing

It is unique to you

Nobody else

Therefore you are never wrong for it

No matter what, you have done nothing wrong

With every choice you have made in your life

Everything happens just right in every way

For your soul growth and evolution

The same goes with others

That is total allowance

Total freedom

Total power to choose

Without judgment of you and others

Without wrongness or rightness

That is meeting you from where you are at

That is meeting others from where they are at

You are freedom

You are an infinite spirit

You are a magnicifent angel

You are a magnicient God within

Flying higher and higher

Further and further to the horizon of infinite possibilities

You got this. One step at a time.

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